Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

Live Pros gonna die hoez

Hier die lyrics:

you see those live pros, they gonna die hoez
we got that light green, stacks of money pounds of weed
we got these cash bricks, they tryin to match wits
with a massive force you know that is gon attack quick

yo verse one, got that C-R crew
if i had to play em heads up, i'd be scared too
you'll get bluffed by hastings, or valuetowned by cole
it don't matter how they do it, guaranteed they'll take your roll
yeah so townsend had a downswing, he's gonna come around g
and his skills will have him use your cash for his accounting
they got gordo, they got menlo
man they got so many names that i can't even comprehend yo

yo verse 2
i think deuces cracked is in this house
daevils hustles tables and his raps will crack ya ****in mouth
krantz is up next, he's always on the grind
and if your name is patrik then jay will play you any time
and if ya play whitelime, say goodbye to bright times
he'll leave you so broke, you won't have cash to snort some white lines
Now can any live pro just answer one question
Why not sign up to cardrunners or deuces cracked for a lesson

when i see hellmuth, it's hard to tell you
the anger that i feel it just ****in overwhelms you
he talks **** to everybody, thinks hes got some flashy stacks
If he tried to talk to me id put him on his ****in back

verse 3 comin out, but i feel the earth shakin
gandolf stormin through, "Oh my god! it's clay Aiken!!"
illari hits the table, guy is such a ****in king
and if he burns ya in the chat box, you're gonna feel the sting
it's a sick new generation, and we're growing up faster
protege's are now elite, just look at mastrblastr
but at the other end of that, you got the seasoned vets
just ask durrr about the million dollar swing concept

and if ya hate the live pros flip it left
and if ya love the internets turn right
and if ya hate the live pros flip it left
cuz we party for 100k a night

last verse, let me take care of my business
every internet player better come in close and listen
we're unique because we're better bitch, we ain't some damn degenerates
and we'll change the reputation of this game of which we're celebrant
so with that in mind, keep classy, unify
for better or for worse, this fight intensifies
let's break the equilibrium flow money to our side
and inherit poker's honor represent it with some pride


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