Samstag, 14. März 2009

Good Advice

Für alle die pros sind oder darüber nachdenken.

Kommend von  einem der erfolgreichsten und in meinen Augen proffesionellsten Spielern überhaupt.

Leatherass9 , der die letzten 2 Jahren > 2millionen in Cashgames gemacht hat und wohl der Spieler ist, der die meisten Hände auf den High(er)stakes überhaupt jemals gespielt hat.

But I honestly want to say something to people out there who are trying to make it in this game or who are currently playing for a living. First off take nothing for granted. No matter how well you play this game, there is far more variance than people think. Even if you won 2bb/100 for 500k hands, that doesn’t even mean you will win money for your next 500k hands. This game is an absolute joke in terms of its reflection on how well you play. Almost invariably the people doing well in poker right now, the ones you hear about all the time, are just the ones who are the luckiest right now. Take it from the guy who has played more poker than anyone at the bigger games over the last 4 years, this game is cruel. It is real cruel. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING is possible in this game. If you think you can’t have a drop off of 100+% on your win rate over a very big sample, you are wrong. 

Sock as much money away as possible. Unless you have several years living expenses, don’t go nuts if you are doing well and buy a bunch of stuff. You may not make anything for a very long time. Of course the odds are tremendously in your favor that you will do well, nothing is a guarantee. Luck can literally create an environment under which you can’t win at this game. I have now seen it for nearly 300k hands. There is absolutely nothing I can do to win money at poker right now



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