Dienstag, 24. Juli 2007

Pardon... Could you say that again ?

Yea hey I am back :)
Today I will write something about my Cashgames ...
Wondering about the reason I am writing on English ?
Weeellll.... I promised a friend who cant read German well
to make a post on English here so she can understand it :P
If you find any mistakes , spelling or grammatical ,
you may keep them :P

First of all... I am playing No-Limit(NL) 600 again.
I stopped it after I lost arround 12 Buyins last time.
But I decided to give it another try and hey!!
It worked! I lost another 8 Buyins haha :D
Thats a 20 Buyin Down after I was up to 6k allready....
Well. Thats Poker I guess.... Of course I didnt give up
and kept playing. So now I am back to +-0 on NL 600 :)
Thats a good Result and I hope I will finish the July
with a solide + on that Limit...

Anyways I know you want to see facts not bla bla...
So here is my Graph!

Ok so right now I am up this Month for about 8-9k.
Thats an extremly good Result considering the fact that I
had some hard downswings on both Limits NL 400 and NL 600.
Not as hard as Allanons Crash he has right now but well still
arround 10 Buyins on each of these Limits...
The Tourney Win helped a lot to keep my Bankroll(BR) up :)
Hmmm I dont think that I can reach my Goal 40 k BR this Month
but maybe I will reach the 15k monthly Winnings with a bit Luck.
Next Month, exactly on August the 9th I will have played Poker for
1 Year :D So I will prepare a nice Post for that Day containing all
my Limits,Graphs and experiance I made during this Year.
And of course my Overall Winnings haha :P

Now Its time to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" on my Beamer :D



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